Hello, my name's Brandon

I’m a 30-something web & user interface designer from the baron wasteland of Mesa Arizona, with over 10 years industry experience. I’m currently focussing on helping small business succeed as a Sr Designer at Infusionsoft. I do however take a wide variety of freelance projects from web design, ui design, advertisements and other forms of digital art.

I’ve worked on a wide range of projects in a variety of styles, from graphic tees, to clean minimal interfaces. ​I enjoy the craftsmanship and social impact of graphic design, in addition to the ideation, interaction and usability of product driven design.

When I’m not designing for my clients, you can probably find me working on personal projects, growing my beard, listening to my favorite playlists on spotify and dreaming in neon.

Want to get in touch?

Don't hesitate to contact me at brandon@heybrandon.com. I'd love to hear from you!