In 2013 I was contacted by a friend of a friend to help design a logo for her new venture called "Birdytell". The goal of Birdytell was to change the gift giving industry by allowing people to give more thoughtful gifts via visual and personlized wish lists. I agreed to take the job on as a passion project and was invited to become part owner of the company. After many many iterations, Birdytell would eventually morph into a curated gift box company utilizing products sourced by local Phoenix artisans. Being able to work with and bring awareness to so many great local companies has been an absolute honor.

Innitial Sketches to Final Logo

Lisa the CEO and I quickly got to work brainstorming our logo. I mean, it was obvious we wanted to go with a bird of some sort, but how to we make it unique to us and our mission? We decided to represent our bird as if it was made from origami. My goal was to create a logo mark that was minimal in form and extremely versatile.


Product UI

My next project was to design a dashboard of sorts for Birdytell users. While we ended up switching focus away from personalized wish lists; I was really proud of the following explorations.

The Pivot

After thinking long and hard about the direction of the company we decided to switch our business model up a bit and tackle thoughtful gifting in a way that would benefit local artisans instead of large companies. I immediately started work on a new site where the main focus would now be ecommerce.

The Photography Hat

Now that we were an online store selling actual products; I had to start learning how to take product photos. This is something I was apprehensive about at first, but quickly grew to enjoy.