It had always been a dream of mine to start a clothing company. In 2011 February Son (Febson) was born. Being young and naive I didn't realize how large of an undertaking owning and operating a clothing company would be. Febson was my first taste of being an entrepreneur and it was exilerating. Besides designing my little heart out, I learned how to run facebook and google ads, haggle with wholesale shirt companies, work with models, stage photoshoots, and work with local print houses. I eventually even hired world class freelance artists from around the globe to collaborate with me.

Initial Logo Designs

I ended up using all of these at one point or another.

Original Concepts

These are some of my original shirt designs. 


Release 1 Photo Shoot

I enlisted the help of my good pal Merick Davis to take pics of my very first line. He knocked it out of the park.


Release 2 Photo Shoot

I was lucky enough to make enough money from my first release to do a second. This time around I imported more fashionable fabrics from the UK. This release produced my most successful shirt, "Gato Malvado" as seen above.


My Favorite Febson Tees